Probiotics – What’s All The Fuss?

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Nancy Banks has been involved in health and wellness since 1973. She is certified in Facial and Body Detox Rejuvenation, Ionic Foot Detox Baths and Chi Machine Therapy. Through New Reality CVR, she offers both content (guided meditation) and equipment to help the body flush adrenaline and increase serotonin levels. Nancy currently works with New Reality, a creative visualization and relaxation system using light and sound. She is also a published author of books of photography and inspirational sayings and is working on her 4th book focusing on probiotics. What’s all the fuss about Probiotics? Controlling the monster, Candida, is a big part of what we need to do today. In this presentation, Nancy explores the cascade of events in the body following an over growth of candida (yeast) and fungus and what we need to do to get it under control. The role of alternative products is covered and shown how their use can help heal the human body. This is one of the most in-depth discussions of probiotics available today. Your questions will be answered.

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