MAV Nutrition Probiotics for Kids Vitamins – Flora Health Support Gummies with 2 Billion Live Probiotic Cultures Fiber Supplement; Natural Flavor with Non-GMO Formula, Gluten-Free; 60 Gummies

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Just one gummy a day will give your little one the digestive and immune support they need to stay healthy and active*. Our vitamin gummies are kid-loved and mom-approved, with delicious all natural berry flavor that is free from gluten and high fructose corn syrup. Your kids will look forward to their vitamin boost and you’ll feel good knowing their digestive health and immune system is supported every day*. These special prebiotic + probiotic gummies are formulated with 1 billion CFU live cultures (bacillus coagulans) and 25 mg of inulin, a naturally occurring dietary fiber that supports the large intestine. Each gummy contains only clean, high quality ingredients for simple nutrition with no harmful chemicals or preservatives. Our Premium Ingredients 1 billion CFU live cultures (bacillus coagulans) and 25 mg of inulin – made to survive the hostile environment of the human stomach and support large intestine. Pineapple juice, glucose syrup, cane sugar, gelatin, starch (Non-GMO maize), purified water, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, natural colors, fractionated coconut oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax. Supports digestive + immune health* Works naturally with your child’s body to support good bacteria balance* One Billion CFUs Shelf stable Probiotics for toddlers, children, and adults Only 1 gram total sugar No sugary coating Our modern diets don’t always support beneficial stomach bacteria and good gut health. An overgrowth of harmful gut bacteria can lead to sluggish digestion, discomfort, poor nutrient absorption, and weakened immune health. Mav’s Probiotic Gummies for Kids will gives little tummies just the right amount of beneficial bacteria to ensure your kiddo stays happy and healthy!*PROBIOTICS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. Specially formulated gut health supplement and enzymes for digestion for acid reflux and bloating relief. Our digestive enzyme supplements are probiotics for women, probiotics for men, and toddler probiotics.
FIBER GUMMIES IN PROBIOTIC GUMMIES. A colon cleanse that gives you and your kids no need for a squatty potty! With acidophilus probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus, and bifidobacterium probiotic, these chewable probiotics are top fiber pills for gas relief!
IMMUNE SUPPORT PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT. With our formulated prebiotics and probiotics, this is the best immune system booster for a kids probiotic that mom’s can try too – one of the top womens probiotic and baby probiotics on the market!
CHILDRENS PROBIOTICS 1 BILLION CFU. These gummy vitamins will give kids immune support that you are looking for in a prebiotic fiber kid probiotic. Inulin is an added benefit for prebiotic support! May help with acid reflux kids may develop.
BEST KIDS PROBIOTICS IN PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS. Kids probiotics chewable beneficial with this prebiotics supplement formula. For mens vitamins and womens vitamins and probiotic kids. A probiotics for women gummies that can be taken from ages 4 and up!

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