Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business: Approach for Beginners to AI and Machine Learning and Their Revolution of Modern Life, Health Care, Business and Marketing

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Do you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how they are revolutionizing Life, Health Care, Business and Marketing? Do you want apply them to your business? If so then keep reading.

Artificial intelligence technology has become so common that many people do not realize that AI is already a part of their lives. Businesses use AI in many realms, including predictive analytics, product pricing, and marketing. In healthcare, artificial intelligence can be used in medical image analysis, language processing in dictation, and automated healthcare services. Because of machine learning capabilities in AI, any data that artificial intelligence is provided with can be used to learn and to make new, unexpected predictions and recommendations. In this book, the reader will understand not only how AI works, but will also learn how machine learning is revolutionizing the industry.

Although artificial intelligence can be complex, AI technology does not have to be a daunting subject. Understanding artificial intelligence requires a basic understanding of how machines can be programmed to think like humans.

It is no surprise that AI is revolutionizing most areas of industry. Big tech companies have been on the forefront of AI because of their large amounts of data and their brain power in the form of machine learning teams, but anyone can learn how to use artificial intelligence to accomplish a basic business goal.

You will learn:

  • How Machine Learning works
  • AI Models and Networks
  • AI applied to complicated Tasks
  • How apply AI to your Marketing
  • How AI is changing Business
  • The secret of Big Tech companies

Even if you don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you can learn how they can improve your business.

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